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What started out with creating mockups for musicians to practice my arrangements and compositions, evolved into a love for music production and engineering. Studying production at Belmont University gave me a solid foundational understanding of the recording and producing processes. It has since become a passion of mine to discover new means of creating and engineering fresh and unique sounds. Whether your project is still merely a concept, just needs some final touches, or is somewhere in between, let me help you bring your music to life!

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It is always thrilling to me to create a remix – to take apart a song that's already been completely constructed and then re-arrange the pieces, or completely re-invent it. Consider this a fully produced arrangement of your song.



Let me be your personal recording engineer. This is ideal for those on a tight schedule or budget who need quick access to a recording space and/or recording equipment.  Engineering includes recording remote session work, vocal top-line, or a live “unplugged” stereo recording.



This is great for those on a budget, who want the sound of a string section, horn section, or full band, without the expense! I have a vast library of virtual and sampled instruments, perfect for giving you that full-band sound without the hassle of booking studio musicians and a studio!