Let me be your personal recording engineer. This is ideal for those who are on a tight schedule or budget and need quick access to a recording space and/or recording equipment. If you're looking to record remote session work, vocal top-line, or a live “unplugged” stereo recording, look no further. Along with cheap studio time, you can use as much or as little of my recording equipment and instruments as you’d like.



Cost of Arrangement

 + $25 Programming Fee

This is great for those on a budget, who want the sound of a string section, horn section, or full band, without the expense! I have a vast library of virtual and sampled instruments, perfect for giving you that full-band sound without the hassle of booking studio musicians and a studio!


Demo Production

The purpose of a demo is to serve as the first, stripped-down, rough draft version of an original song, that can be used for pitching or as a starting place for a master recording.  I can add the virtual instruments necessary to convey the intended tone and vibe of your song, with a quick turn-around time so that you can begin introducing it to the world.


■  Tier 1


Two Tracked Instruments, Mixing and Mastering

+ Details

  • Recorded Lead Vocal or Instrument
  • Recorded Accompaniment (Piano, Guitar, etc.)
  • Light Tuning / Editing (Optional)
  • Light Mixing / Mastering (Optional)

■  Tier 2


Includes Tier 1, Plus Rhythm Section

+ Details

  • Programmed Bass (Upright, Electric, Synth, etc.)
  • Programmed Drums or Percussion (Kit, 808, etc.)

  Tier 3


Includes Tier 2, Plus one of the following*

+ Details

  • Additional Recorded Vocal or Instrument
  • Additional Programmed Instrument
  • Sound Design / Sound Effects

* If you wish to record or program any additional instruments or sound effects beyond what's included in Tier 3, each additional track is $25 flat.


Full Production or Co-Writing

contact for pricing

Whether you've got a solid demo to work off of or you're looking to co-write a brand new song together, this option includes as much or as little engineering, recording, programming, mixing and/or mastering services as you'd like. This is my favorite option because it's where our joint creativity can really thrive!



Contact for Pricing

It is always thrilling to me to create a remix – to take apart a song that's already been completely constructed and then re-arrange the pieces, or completely re-invent it. Consider this a fully produced arrangement of your song. You can either request I remix your song in a specific style, or leave it up to me. I promise you won't be disappointed!



Creativity in Collaboration


Morgan Bosman
Kellie Besch
Jared Mitchell
Pierre Giergis
Quint Collins
Robyn Harris